Photo: No Man is an Island

A new series of work based on maps and landscape. Still combining embellished textiles and concrete cast in plastic waste exploring how our actions have an effect on others, our community and the world as a whole.

In 2019, the humble milkshake became a symbol of political dissent particularly regarding anti-Brexit so I chose discarded milkshake cups to create a series of works using the method I developed making the Beached series.

Following this, I started to develop more map/landscape based work moving from found litter into using waste plastic food packaging to cast the panels. In particular looking at how our overuse and poor disposal of single use plastic are effecting our environment with uninhabited islands in the middle of the ocean highly polluted by plastics and others disappearing due to climate change.

During Covid-19 lockdown, The Doll’s House Gallery challenged me to make mini versions. I enjoyed doing this, using biscuit and chocolate packaging rather than meat trays. It intrigued me that even though smaller, to their miniature audience they are monumental reflecting the fact that small actions, both positive and negative, can have a significant effect.

Also during Covid-19, I developed a series of plaques titled “Glove Story” mirroring this series looking at plastic pollution caused by discarded gloves and masks and the importance of personal actions during a global pandemic.


“Mapping The Issue”, Vlieseline Fine Art Textile Award shortlist, Festival of Quilts, NEC, Birmingham.

Levenshulme Miniature Sculpture Park, curated by Lucie Fitzgerald, Doll’s House Gallery, Manchester.


Freedom, curated by Lucie Fitzgerald, Doll’s House Gallery, Manchester.

“Milkshake series”, The Litter You Leave: Future Fossils, virtual exhibition, Chorlton Arts Festival Hub

“Mapping The Issue”, Vlieseline Fine Art Textile Award shortlist, Festival of Quilts (online + publication)

“Mapping The Issue” selected for Threaded II, group online exhibition of fine art fibre art curated by Envision Arts.

“Mapping The Issue” selected for Prism’s “In Search of (im)Possibilities” exhibition held online due to covid.

“Global Issue” selected as part of Covent-19, online group exhibition, curated by Faryl Arif & Nadin Hassan

“School Trip”, T is for Textiles, invited exhibition curated by John Stokes, Rheged art centre, Penrith. (cancelled due to covid)

“Future Political Weapon” & “Political Weapon” selected for The Future is… open exhibition, Convenience gallery, Birkenhead.

“Broken Britain” selected for Manchester Open, HOME, Manchester.


“Future Political Weapon” selected for Bankley Open, Manchester.

“School Trip” featured in Prism Contemporary Textiles collective exhibition Fragility, Hoxton Arches, London & RSBA, Birmingham.