Photo: Beached

Over the past year the issue of plastic pollution, particularly of our coasts & seas, has become of mainstream concern, featured daily in the press. There are thousands of TEDX talks available on YouTube & new books being produced to help us all cut down our plastic use. Even governments are proposing bills to force change in both production and use to combat this issue.

The Beached series highlights the issue of plastic pollution and how our actions effect our environment. How the small and discarded are still significant. The work combines embellished suiting with concrete cast in local litter, transforming a transparent and/or lightweight object, easily overlooked, into something with permanence and weight, in line with the seriousness of the ongoing issue. The coastal inspired textures show the waste becoming part of our landscape. Nature will fight back but it is feeling less and less like a battle it can win.


Fragility, Prism Contemporary Textiles Collective exhibition, Hoxton Arches London & RBSA, Birmingham.

Micro, group exhibition of small works, Air gallery, Altrincham.


MA show, Benzie Building, Manchester School of Art.

Thoughtful Planet 2, group exhibition of environmental art, Thought Foundation, Birtley.


Anthropocene (2108) edited by Hodgson, E.


Show, See, Say (2019), Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

Guest Speaker (2019, Chelford & North Cheshire Embroiderers Guild, Chelford.