Photo: Nature v Manmade

My work encourages the viewer to stop and look closer; to consider the beauty, value and purpose in the old and discarded through photography and three-dimensional textiles. I investigate how things change appearance and shape over time, not just eroding or decaying but also new layers of growth, giving interesting juxtapositions of structure and colour.

The Beached series highlights the issue of plastic pollution and how our actions effect our environment. How the small and discarded are still significant. The photography looks at how once it has made the journey to the coast, that without looking closely, it can be difficult to distinguish the manmade from the natural but this does not diminish the damage it is causing. Coastal wildlife are dying with stomachs filled with plastic as they mistake it for food.


MA show, Benzie building, Manchester School of Art.

Thoughtful Planet 2, group exhibition of environmental art, Thought Foundation, Birtley.

TIME, joint exhibition with Simone Frater-Russell, Arc gallery, Stockport.