My work explores environmental issues like climate crisis, plastic pollution and waste through textile art using recycled materials and mixed media sculptures of textiles and concrete cast in the plastic packaging that we use and discard on a daily basis; objects that are so lightweight and seem so insignificant. My aim is to make people consider the world around them and their responsibility to the environment. The concrete gives a weight and presence more in-line with their legacy; naturally inspired textures emphasise the way our waste becomes subsumed into the environment. I am an experienced workshop facilitator across a range of visual arts and crafts using recycled and sustainable materials as much as possible.

Trained in Theatre Design but through community arts, my interest in fibre art grew leading to an MA in Textile Practice at Manchester School of Art. I am a member of Prism Textiles, Spark Artists Network & Design Nation. 

Experienced workshop facilitator ranging from drop ins or single sessions to projects that develop over several weeks or even months using a range of visual arts but with a general focus of sustainability and wellbeing using recycled materials as much as possible.