Photo: Textile Collage

I love using collage as a quick way of getting vibrant colour without the need for paint. Using textiles has the added bonus of great textures too. I use old clothing, domestic textiles and scrap materials from bargain rails in charity shops.

I don’t feel bad about chopping them up as it’s next stop landfill and as much of the fast fashion that ends up here is made of polyester, it will be damaging to the environment. Others will head off to Africa where our old clothing is causing damage to traditional textile industry.

It is easily adaptable to different themes and I can do this workshop with all ages and abilities and at different scales, using latex glue on a wallpaper base or bondaweb and stitching on fabric or a combination of the two depending on time scale and dexterity.

Photos from:

Views of Stalybridge – Town of Culture 2022. 8 local Primary schools culminating in an installation at the Civic Hall.

Stick, Stitch, Stamp workshops for HOME (drop in)

T-shirt design for Halle Schools project

Tree of Life for CAMHS Manchester (weekly project over several sessions)

Fusible web applique at Creative Coati