Photo: Recycled Plastic Crafts

These activities can be done as a half or full day workshops or even as a drop in activity or combined over several sessions for a longer project like The Green Loop Project which many of the photos come from.


Using waste plastic packing for crafts has many positives:

  • Awareness of climate issues
  • Awareness of waste and litter
  • Cheap to run
  • Sustainable – reusing and upcycling
  • Also use to look at food issues

Activities fall into 2 categories:

Sculpting with Hard Plastic – flowers, jellyfish, bottle-top collage, milk bottle elephants, pen pots, shakers etc. These are suitable for all ages.

Fusing Soft Plastics – fused collages, jewellery & key-rings, pouches & wallets, pictures/cards using fused sheet etc. As these use an iron to fuse the layers, access to electricity is required and an area where this can be set up aside from main crafting activity. This can be done with older groups who are able to safely use an iron but also with other groups where the workshop team do the fusing.

Photos from:

Green Loop Project

Halton Primary Arts Network

Beechwood Primary Environment week

Proud and Loud Arts

Prism exhibition workshops