Photo: Proud & Loud Arts

I have been an associate artist with Proud & Loud Arts since 2003. I have seen them grow from a youth group into a dynamic professional level theatre company producing theatre, films, live art and street theatre exploring the issue of living with a disability, particularly in response to interaction with the non-disabled world, drawing on personal experiences with both emotional honesty and a good dose of humour.

Recent projects have moved from traditional touring theatre to working in public spaces:

Cells – a body of work is a collection of live art installations by Proud & Loud Arts created in response to the Manchester Evening News report, in October 2015, describing a 140% rise in reported hate crime incidents against people with disabilities

These witty yet challenging artworks offer a thought provoking and creative glimpse into the extraordinary and explore the stigma often attached to those who dare to be different. I worked as Design Mentor, collaborating closely with each artist to develop design holistically with performance and making the design elements reality.

Affirmations is a group piece to accompany Cells. I created an installation for this work based around an IKEA Lack table, looking at the distortion from the known standard. 

Shadowgirl was originally one of the solo pieces in Cells. Proud & Loud Arts received funding from Hazard festival to turn it into a group street theatre piece, expanding their numbers by bringing in members from other local disability led companies from Salford & Bolton.

Tom Hogan is Artist Director of Proud & Loud Arts and directs their performances.

Affirmations and Shadowgirl were choreographed by Susan Swanton.

Cells and Affirmations were premiered at Manchester Art Gallery.