Photo: Creating Characters

Because my background is in theatre design, I have been involved in creating characters through design.

These characters can just be for fun or as part of the devising process for a performance project.

Characters can be created quickly through drawing games and collage. Characters can be developed into costume designs, masks, puppets or figures.

Characters could be given names, backgrounds and voices. Characters could be used for hot seating or storytelling.

  • collage
  • drawing games
  • puppets
  • masks
  • costume design
  • superheroes
  • salt dough
  • wired figures
  • dolls/toys
  • devised performances

photos include:

  • Proud and Loud Arts
  • DIY Theatre
  • Freedom Studios
  • Manchester PRU
  • Emotionally Literate programme
  • Mens Room Superheroes project (now Our Room)