Photo: London Road Project: Photography

Through an opportunity offered by Jenny Walker to students at Manchester School of Art, I have been part of a project developing work inspired by London Road Fire Station, an iconic Manchester landmark saved from demolition but about to be redeveloped so a unique moment in time to record the lost grandeur and celebrate the history of the place. We were privileged to be able to explore and photograph areas beyond those on the public heritage tours. 

I was naturally attracted to this project as it covered the redevelopment and new purpose for a historical old building but also exploring the beauty of decay following its long term neglect. I took many photos of flaky paint, faded signs and peeling wallpaper on my visits as did many others from looking at hashtags on Instagram. 

I have now launched a Society 6 shop and updated my Red Bubble shop to include print to order products featuring these textures from basic prints and cards to homeware such as cushions and duvets and even to clothing and accessories including bags, socks and masks.


Poetry of Decay (series of 6 images) in London Road Project exhibition at Plant Noma, Manchester.

Poetry of Decay, Stripped (series of 3 wallpaper images) and Vacant/Engaged were exhibited in TIME, a joint exhibition with Simone Frater-Russell at Arc gallery, Stockport.

Stripped and Vacant/Engaged featured in the Thresholds: The Adjacent Possible exhibition curated by Not Just Collective at Tapestry, Liverpool.