Photo: How do you like them apples?

For the Health & Wellbeing group exhibition, Loss & Inheritance, I developed a collection of textile apples exploring perception & worth as we, particularly women, age. The fabrics were specifically chosen for their inherent connotations, mainly from old clothes, and treated using stitch prior to forming the apple. An appropriate message is encased at the core of each one.

In the exhibition, these were book-ended by a fresh apple and one that was fresh at the start of the options sessions and had aged during the course of the module resulting in a small deep red leathery wrinkled fruit. Each apple had a brass drawer tag with its title and an appropriate fake Latin name. This was to bring the piece together and inject a notion of formality but also humour.

They worked well to provoke discussion about different aspects of ageing. They are available for display both as a set and individually. Not ‘Just’ a Mother has also been exhibited as part of a group exhibition WORK:REST:PLAY at Marketplace Studios in Stockport.  I hope to extend my series of apples to explore other aspects of being a woman. I also run apple making workshops as a craft based exploration of positivity & self worth.

This piece is available for exhibition both as a full set & as individual apples.



TIME, joint exhibition with Simone Frater-Russell, Arc gallery, Stockport


Blowing a Gail, group show curated by Womanstanley, Warrington.

WORK:REST:PLAY, group exhibition, Marketplace gallery, Stockport (only Not Just a Mother)

Loss/Inheritance, group exhibition, Manchester Craft & Design Centre.