a picture of meSo if you talk about stuff once it has happened, that counts as blogging, right?

With this in mind I have changed the name of this section from News to Blog as I kept posting about my news once it had happened or at least wanting to. I haven’t actually posted in this section for over a year which is appalling as I have been busy, things have happened, I have had ‘News’. I am hoping that in renaming it ‘Blog’, I might feel less pressured about the nature of the posts. I can write about projects as they progress, not just document them at the end in my portfolio sections. I can still blog about upcoming stuff too i.e. News.

I might also take the opportunity to witter or vent about things which take my fancy or annoy me in the realms of design, theatre, craft etc but need more than the 140 characters of Twitter to express. Today I will spare you a full-on vent about the trial and tribulations of procuring reasonably priced car insurance without lying when you work in the arts. I will just say that I am now a ‘Community Craft Instructor’ which does actually describe my day-to-day work life more closely than anything on the list in previous years and leave you with Phelim McDermott’s thought’s on online forms and the arts – NOT JUST “OTHER”.