Photo: The Art of Protest

Art has impact.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s why companies spend so much on advertising. Visual arts is a great tool for spreading your message.

I use my art practice to highlight issues around climate crisis, particularly plastic pollution.

I work with groups to help the raise awareness of a variety of issues: disability rights, women’s rights, environment, violence, bullying.


  • banner design & making
  • placards – mini or full size
  • badges/rosettes
  • sashes
  • posters – print, drawing, collage.

Activities can be done as half day, full day or drop-in workshops or combined for longer projects which could include research trips.

So, what do you want to shout about?

Photos from:

  • Gamechangers – Suffragists project
  • DIY Theatre
  • Spark Artists Network
  • Breightmet Athletic Football Club
  • Manchester Art Gallery
  • Green Loop Project