Photo: Bag Making

Phone cases:

These are based on simple rectangle so easy to make and give a good introduction to using the machines. They were cotton lined with fleece to keep the phone snug and with long straps so they could be worn across the body. Each is designed to fit their own personal phone. They also involved hand stitching and sewing buttons.

Tote Bags:

The patterns are a cutting list of a series of rectangles rather than pattern pieces so no sharing patterns and easy to replicate again at home. The most basic is an unlined bag with or without pockets and can easily be made in a single workshop. The deep or flat lined bags are suitable for longer projects. The stitching is basic so good for beginners but participants are left with a great usable piece that they can show off on a daily basis.

These can be embellished with simple fabric flowers.

Originally developed as part of a project for Creative Curve.