Photo: First MA Pecha Kucha

I had to do a Pecha Kucha as part of my MA. At Manchester School of Art. The design disciplines work together so although I am doing Textiles Practice, I would be presenting & feeding back on a broad spectrum of designers. My group contained graphics, illustration & sculpture. It was good to have critical feedback from fellow designers but as not necessarily specialists in my field, the need for clarity was important.

For those who don’t know, a Pecha Kucha is a presentation of 20 slides, each shown for 20 seconds. Simple, right? I had seen people present in this way at Pecha Kucha Manchester events at Manchester City Art Gallery but never done one myself.

First I created a grid of 20 boxes, a sort of storyboard to tell my tale. The first act my journey so far, next my current work and finishing with those I aim to be viewed beside. At first those 20 boxes looked daunting but in the end it was trying to work out what to drop that became the problem.

I received really constructive feedback. People were engaged & interested in my work but from the questioning after the presentation, it was clear that I needed greater clarity both in my descriptions to others but also for myself. After my Pecha Kucha, I felt it was important to clarify what it wasn’t as much as what it is.

Please view the slides from my Pecha Kucha below.¬†Of course you don’t get my accompanying waffle but I hope you get a sense of my inspirations and direction my work is going.