Photo: Rock, Paper, Scissors.

I have been experimenting with collaging in both paper and textiles to create artwork inspired by rocks, pebbles & shells. I started with observational collages using recycled paper gathered from parcel packaging in tones of white, brown & grey, depicting some of my favourite pebbles & shells collected last summer.

Then I swapped paper for fabric, using natural fabrics in muted sandy tones. I used hand embroidery to add details to the limpet shells and french knots to represent barnacles.

2016-03-08-16.17.27Old wool jumpers that I had boil washed formed the base for the next textile pieces. I explored embellishing with linens & muslins from both the front & back. I experimented with doodling in thread as I now have a machine with drop feed but unfortunately no free motion embroidery foot so these were foot free.

Weirdly when I added the pieces to my Instagram account, they serendipitously lined up with pictures I had taken last week of bird footprints in the snow. Spooky!