Much of my work is bold and seen from afar so speed & strength are priorities over detail & prettiness. I use glue and tape and staples and if I do sew, it’s fast machine stitch. So I started attending the monthly Lo-fi sessions run by Craft Mafia after I started making my Wotnots in an attempt to refocus on the more refined skills involved in crafting. The past couple of months have involved applique…


For Valentine’s Nico aka Ophelia Button taught paper roses and heart shaped applique. We backed the hearts with bondaweb and attached them to our napkins/pillowcases using a hot iron. We used embroidery stitches to reinforce and embellish the hearts. I used this as an opportunity to brush up on my blanket and chain stitches. Not sure if I had done chain stitch since my primary school sampler which still has pride of place on my Mum’s wall.


The next month, Sam from Ministry of Craft taught reverse applique which I really enjoyed. It is quick and effective. Looks far more complicated than it is which is a win win in my book. Basically you sew it all on in one go and then chop the patterns into it. I matched the felt trim and beads to the colours in the patterned base fabric. We used felt for the top layers as it doesn’t fray. I chose to use more of the same remnants as for my hearts for my apple motif bag. Really pleased with the result and definitely going to use this technique again.

I have been going to the LO-fi sessions for a year but not been able to attend every month. You can see more things that I have made here. I have even run a session myself teaching my Wotnots style of Christmas decorations and brooches. If you want to join in, they are held on the first Tuesday of the month and there is a small charge for materials. However, places must be booked as space is limited. For more details and to book contact Nico.