What Are You Waiting For? – Proud and Loud

Written by Mandy Precious

Directed by Tom Hogan

Filmed by Mariella Artiles

Having started using video as part of their theatre piece ” Expectation / Limitation = Life” in 2003, Proud and Loud decided to make a short film. They worked with writer Mandy Precious & director Tom Hogan to create the script. The film is about how we wait for life to happen & all the things we let stop us from moving on and taking steps to change our own lives. The majority of the piece was filmed in an industrial estate with additional scenes on location. The characters were all very distinct types rather than real people. This was reflected in the costumes, each one fitting its own cliche. I chose grey workcoats & trousers for the ghosts/spirits to fit into the warehouse location of our waiting room.


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