Toffs on Tour – Aqueous Humour/M6 Theatre

2014-08-30-13.10.59_webToffs on Tour was developed and devised by Aqueous Humour with M6 Youth Theatre supported by professional performers within the cast, funded by the BBC Performing Arts Fund. We started work on the project by running an ideas day a few weeks before the summer school was due to begin. There were some strong ideas particularly around role models (delusion of perfection, manic goodness & unnecessary helpfulness) and class/money (different people’s shoes, rich v poor & common jam) so these were our starting point for creating the show.

The show became a comical look at the upper class, these double-barrelled dim-witted aristocrats are charmingly oblivious to the real world and find awe and wonder in the ordinary and the mundane. We split the group into two families, each with a professional performer as support and chaperone. I scoured charity shops and ebay for all things posh and country using a palette of browns and greens with accents of red and gold. As strolling theatre is amongst the audience, we used good quality wigs and facial hair and they did not just pretend to have stuck up noses, they wore professional quality latex ones. We feel it is important that our youth and community performers go out looking as professional as our own shows as it gives them confidence and helps them be appreciated properly by audiences.

The show went down a treat at the two day Feelgood Festival in Rochdale so Aqueous Humour have redeveloped the show, merging the two families to form one and are now offering this new show with a cast of 3-5 professional performers as part of their portfolio of walkabout shows –