TIME – Exhibition of Textiles & Photography

Nerissa Cargill Thompson & Simone Frater-Russell

24th January – 16th February 2018

Arc Centre, Reddish, Stockport.

Time to stop

Time to notice

Time to remember

Time to appreciate

Time to reflect

Having worked in different areas of the creative industries for over 20 years, both artists made the decision to pursue textiles arts in more depth, using the MA programme at Manchester School of Art as a launch pad for this new direction in our careers. This is where we met and bonded over a mutual love of textile art and a desire to develop socially engaged practice including using textiles to work with communities. Simone Frater-Russell finished MA Embroidery in 2017 and I will complete my MA Textile Practice in September 2018.

We felt ‘time‘ linked our work as we both explore change over time, be that physical shape and appearance or the fleeting, ethereal and sometimes unreliable way individuals recall events or people. Simone‚Äôs work documents the nature of memory, while mine encourages the viewer to stop and look closer, to find beauty, value and purpose in the old and discarded.

This was the first main exhibition rather than group exhibition for both artists. As well as our individual artwork, visitors were greeted by the quilt that was created through public drop-in workshops that we ran during a previous group exhibition Loss/Inheritance. We also ran a Hygge themed textile workshop at Arc for the public and for one of their in-house groups. We are grateful to Arc for selecting us and for their support. Many thanks to all those who visited. Here is some of the feedback:

“Some really thought provoking work by both artists. It proved to me that there is beauty in decay & that there are many positives in ageing & reflecting on memories that make us who we are today”

“Thought the concept & presentation around apples was really good & the different ways of interpreting time, and how you have presented it in so many different ways – and then you see your own ageing!”

“Lovely exhibition. Made me smile”