The Treasure of Albion – British Youth Film Project

Director: Andrew Walkington

Producer: Richard Caunt

DOP: Tania Freimuth

Costume Designer: Eve Salter Evans

“The Treasure of Albion” is a children’s adventure feature film where “The Da Vinci Code” meets “The Goonies”, Enid Blyton and “Byker Grove”. It was filmed over 4 weeks in the summer of 2006 mainly on location at various sites around the North West. The British Youth Theatre Project gives young film students the opportunity to take part in a professional production both as crew and performers. Each department was led by industry professionals including actors such as Todd Carty and Norman Lovett mentoring the acting students. I was Production Designer & Art Director, designing set & props. As it was mainly shot on location, everything had to match in with what was already there. This was especially essential with the various fake stone objects. I had a small team of students helping me create the set & props for the film. As well as scenic & prop making skills, they also learnt about set dressing & continuity. As well as the carved props, there were various banners, posters & signage. Most of the shoot was on location but I did create a fake air duct in the studio for them to crawl through as in all classic heist movies.

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