Strange Capers – DIY Theatre Company

Directed by Sue Caudle & Jenny Harris

Performed at The Lowry Studio

“Strange Capers” was devised by the group using Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” as a starting point. The design was developed from a drawing of Shakespeare by one of the members, Anna Ward. The original image can be seen on the cast t-shirts. As some of the cast are in wheel chairs or have sight problems, a smooth floor cloth with strong design to help judge positions was essential. They also needed a way of framing the projection screen so that it became part of the set. The hearts, coins & flowers reflect the themes of love & money. It all had to be easy to assemble and pack away to transport as the show toured several venues across the region.

DIY is a Learning Disability Theatre Company established in 1994 and based in Salford. They have created and toured numerous original shows. They also run conferences and events as well as leading workshops and projects in schools. To learn more about them or contact them visit their website:

photos by Danny Williams