Middleton Sexual Health Project – Aqueous Humour

I was asked to create a set of masks to represent a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. These were to initially be used for a drama project with young men in Middleton and then for use in sexual health workshops around the area. Director Tom Hogan often uses bouffant techniques within his work & wanted the masks to have a commedia feel to them giving each disease its own personality. As part of the project, a show was developed featuring 2 professional actors as the couple. The young men played the STIs wearing the masks & matching pyjamas. I created a simple set representing a bedroom with various points which the STIs could lurk & pop out from including trapdoors in the bedspread. It could be toured in an estate car and put up & taken down quickly. It was first performed at Touchstones in Rochdale.

Follow the success of this project I made another set for Aqueous Humour. I also created a display board representing the bed from the show with panels which lift up to reveal information & photo of mask matching each disease. These can be used at events or for workshops. Please contact Tom at Aqueous Humour for more details.

(Detailed photos of the masks can be found in the painting & props section)