STI Masks – Middleton Sexual Health Project/Aqueous Humour

Can you guess which is which? Choose from HIV, AIDS, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Public Lice, Gential Warts & Chlamydia.

I was asked to create a set of masks to represent a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. These were to initially be used for a drama project with young men in Middleton and then for use in sexual health workshops around the area. Director Tom Hogan often uses bouffant techniques within his work & wanted the masks to have a commedia feel to them giving each disease its own personality. Photos from the show can be seen in the Youth & Community section.

Follow the success of this project I made another set for Aqueous Humour. I also created a display board representing the bed from the show with panels which lift up to reveal information & photo of mask matching each disease. These can be used at events or for workshops. Please contact Tom at Aqueous Humour for more details.