Spirit of Langley – mask workshops

Aqueous Humour were commisioned by Rochdale Council HMR department to work with the Langley community to create a spectacular performance featuring life in a place where everything is changing. In a backdrop of dereliction we would bring the memories of times past together with the memory of now and contrast the pessimists memory to that of the rose tinted memory and the ultimate dream. We hoped to get people from various sections of the community involved in the creation of this piece including a choir who would perform in the finale.

Over Easter I worked with two groups of teenage girls and a young mothers group at community centres in Langley & Hollins to create golden masks for the choir. The theme for the masks was fire and sun linking in to both the destruction happening in the area but also the new dawn of regeneration. Unfortunately the main show had to be cancelled but the choir hoped to perform at future events in the area.