Sky Muffins – Aqueous Humour

Air Hostesses with the cognitive skills of jelly and the looks of roadkill. The delightful Muffins set off to serve the non-traveling public. You don’t have to fly to be treated like an economy class passenger.

Aqueous Humour were called into action for the Commonwealth Games 2002 held in Manchester: The Sky Muffins had touched-down. They embarked on a national tour of beauty and presented a special edition of Liquid News for the BBC. By 2007 touring had taken its toll and new uniforms were commissioned, keeping to their trademark pink & white but with a more elegant & feminine silhouette.

The Sky Muffins are a walkabout show with the possibility for static performance fitting any event. The Sky Muffins make wonderful hosts to meet and greet your guests and ensure they have everything they need for a lovely, eventful, unpredictable time.

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