Seven Deadly Sins/Emotions Masks – Aqueous Humour

Designed to be used as part of the Drink, Drugs, Sex and Anger programme following the success of the STI masks for the Sexual Health programme. It is a performance and education programme for 12 to 25 yrs, that explores and promotes understanding of addiction, personal safety and emotional literacy.

Drink, Drugs, Sex and Anger uses masked performance to interactively engage with difficult topics in a fun but challenging way. The masks bring the subject to life and enable the young people to talk more freely amongst their peers about the meaning and significance of the mask (as a metaphor). In doing this they are able to explore points of view different to their own. The masks allow this difficult material to be accessible to all ability levels, embracing active and emotional learning styles through physically and visual activities.

Please contact Tom Hogan at Aqueous Humour if you are interested in booking workshops.