Quantified – Aqueous Humour/Activ8

Directed by Tom Hogan

Models with beauty and stunning vacuity attempt to stand out from the crowd. It’s all about being seen in the right places and with the right people. On the run from the paparazzi, they are dazzled by every camera lens just like a moth in headlights.

“Quantified” was developed from an initial sixties theme as a piece of strolling street theatre for Garden of Delights.  It went on to be performed at Xtrax Manchester, Bolton Fest, Padderborn Germany. The piece was directed by Aqueous Humour director, Tom Hogan with a group of young people from Bolton Octagon’s Activ8. Jenny Potter, a regular Aqueous performer, performed with them. This is one of the ways Aqueous trains new performers for their shows and how they originally found Jenny and from this group we found another Jenny (Jennifer Riding) who became a professional performer in this & other shows.

To find out more about this show visit: www.aqueoushumour.com/shows/quantified/