Mosaic Workshops – Lever Gardens

2014-03-12-12.40.22_webAs part of the Mural project at Lever Gardens for Bolton@Home, we ran mosaic workshops with the residents. They created butterflies to add to the summer section of the mural and some to the wall by the external waiting area. I brought in mosaic expert Chrissy Webster who ran the Tuesday sessions with me in support and supplied all the tools and materials. Then I led the Thursday sessions continuing with what Chrissy had introduced on the Tuesdays. This system worked well as it introduced the group to a new artist but with someone there that they knew, allowed opportunity to access specialist tools, it fitted well with artist availability and was good for me to extend my skills into external mosaic making.We used small square glass tiles to minimise need for cutting as some residents had issues with hand dexterity. As this was part of the Smart Materials programme, we introduced the use of UV beads. These were white but when exposed to sunlight, they changed to assorted colours.

None of them had done any mosaic before and were thrilled to learn a skill and to see them displayed as part of the mural. They are also having a new garden seating area and were talking about what they could make for there.