Where Memories Meet Dreams – M6/Aqueous Humour

Aqueous Humour was commisioned to work with the M6 Youth Theatre to create a piece of street theatre for the Carnival of Cultures in Rochdale under the title “Where Memories Meet Dreams”.

We explored what the phrase meant to the group. One recurring theme that came up was acheivement and reaching of goals. Being World Cup year, we started to look at dreams of football whether it be scoring a goal yourself or your team winning something. The biggest football memory is still England winning the World Cup in 1966 even though nobody in the room had been born. The dream of England winning again was alive at that point this summer but has had to be put aside for another 4 years. As there were nearly 20 young people involved, we felt the football theme would be good to go with using formations and celebrations as a starting point. We created a team of football trophies dressed in gold. The teams created new trophies either individually or collectively on various found plinths around the town centre.

The project was directed by Tom Hogan, Artistic Director of Aqueous Humour.