Cross-curriculum Arts Workshops – Creative Partnerships/Walk The Plank

Maths Through Art/Design looking at volume, tessellation, scale & numbers with Year 7, St Peter’s RC High School, Longsight

The overall theme of the project was “the sea”. This linked in with Walk the Plank’s production of “Twenty-thousand Leagues Under the Sea” which all the children went to see on the theatre ship. The artists also joined the children for trips to the Blue Planet & to see the warships & submarines in Birkenhead. These trips lead up to a week long project working with the whole of year 7. The year was split into groups of 20. There was a total of 10 artist made up of 5 performance based & 5 visual artists. Each group was linked to one of each type, so each artist saw 2 groups, 1 in the morning all week & 1 after lunch.

Each artist was also linked to a teacher/subject. Mine was Maths. My morning group looked at a series of small projects. First volume, creating a soundwave in the form of a wine bottle xylophone. Next it was tessellations, starting with simple shapes then onto more complex fish type shapes (also looked at Escher). They finished this by creating a puzzle of coloured fish tiles. Finally they created a sea themed board game big enough that the players became the actual counters. My afternoon group looked at scale creating underwater worlds at 1:10 including mini versions of themselves.


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