Mad Hatters Tea Party – MAP

This was a 5 week project to design & make hats culminating in a tea party. Before they started designing their own hats, we looked at many different styles of hats, who wore them & why. They each decided on their own individual theme and I provided them with reference material to help them create the designs. They all painted a picture and /or created a collage. We spent a week making the hat bases and covering them and then spent the following week decorating them according to the designs.

Photographer, Jeni Sadler, created portraits of each of the participants for an exhibition plus took photos documenting the tea party. There are also photos of each of them with their design. It is really impressive how close to the original designs the final hats all are. I hope they are all very proud of themselves but also had fun making them.

MAP (Multi Agency Partnership) is an initiative in the City of Manchester based in Children, Families and Social Care. MAP works with the Central Manchester Primary Care Trust (PCT), the city’s Education Department and voluntary agencies to provide the best and most useful services for all disabled children, teenagers and their parents or carers.