Expectation + Limitation = Life – Proud & Loud

Directed by  Tom Hogan

Film & Theatre project performed at The Zion Centre, Manchester.

Film shot & edited by Terry Egan (Reel Mcr)

“Proud and Loud” are a group of young disabled performers based in Salford. They devised the show with drama worker/director Tom Hogan.

The video footage was shot during Febuary half term. It focused on the people they dreamed of being and the people who put them down so each person had two characters, one positive & one negative. I designed & made/sourced a costume for every character and sourced props to create small settings for each video. These were used as a starting point to build the complete production linking the films & the characters within them. As the films were quite visually striking, I created a very minimal set for the theatre production with the screen as the central focus.