Just Turf Promo – Aqueous Humour

Directed by Tom Hogan

Filmed & edited by Phil Smethurst
Manchester Lights Media

Just Turf is a darkly comic new show for small-scale & non-theatre community/rural touring venues that is currently in development. It will explore life with ageing parents & how relationships change as our role develops from child to carer. The show will explore isolation, both physical & social. Setting it in rural Ireland creates a solid artistic focus, offering broad scope for material using personal experiences, traditional skills & connections plus a new target audience & network of festivals. The company will add to the audience experience by using live traditional music performed by local bands to give a festival feel placing theatre at the heart of a night out.

Following on from a series of devising sessions, we made a video to try to capture the mood and ideas so far and give people a taste of “Just Turf“: