High Rise – Creative Partnerships

Devised & Directed by Tom Hogan

Created/Performed at Richmond Centre Pupil Referral Unit, Longsight

Project Manager: Graeme Urlwin

Workshop Leaders: Kate Goodwin & Tom Hogan

I approached the design of the project more like a piece of tv/film than theatre for schools. Having a dedicated space at the PRU was a wonderful opportunity. I was able to spend time turning an unused classroom into a realistic flat for the whole lifespan of the project. As the audience at times were going to be in the set not just sat watching it as if on a stage, there was a great deal of pressure to get the detail right. Thankfully I had taken time over the small things as well as the overall look as the group had an impressive eye for detail. This was particularly clear when we would go back & replay scenes as they would be able to tell us where everything belonged and would pick us up if our continuity was out at all.

I created a working wardrobe for each character so that they could mix and match to give different looks for each episode but with continuity of basic pieces.

A basic outline was created for each episode before the start of the project so that I could get most of the props and costumes sorted in advance. I was required to act as stage manager for each episode plus often had to shop for extra props between episodes as the story developed through the interaction of the pupils.