Brushbots & Penbots

I attended a brushbots workshop at MadLab as part of their Girl Geek Afternoon Tea sessions. It was led by the guys from Hacman who had done the tricky bit for us & soldered wires to the tiny pager motors. The brushbots were made from two toothbrush heads joined on a cardboard mount with the pager motors on top powered by large watch batteries. The vibration from the motor causes the brushbot to move. Once assembled we experimented with inks & paper. The bots needed a frame to contain them & to bounce off. We created a couple of group pictures using several brushbots on one big piece of paper. The brushbots behaved quite individually. Maybe with more practice a bit more control of types of mark would be possible by changing the position of brushes or motor wires as I managed to achieve a lovely series of spirals by mounting the brush heads in opposite directions. I hope to do some more experimenting back at my studio.

We also made penbots using the same motor & batteries mounted on a plastic cup with three pen legs and created individual & group pictures.