Bird Table Project – 42nd St / box of frogs

bird tablesAs part of the exhibition for the 42nd Street AGM & opening of the new building, we wanted to create something that could link the groups. We also wanted something to remind us of some of the previous projects that have happened as part of Planet Art.

I came up with the idea of the Bird Table project as it harked back to the Secret Garden that I created in 2009 in which we had a birdhouse with a radio in playing birdsong. It also linked with the notion of home with 42nd Street moving to new home/building.

  • Each group was given a bird table. They were all identical.
  • Instructed to build the table (they came flat-pack) but leaving off the ‘house’ on top.
  • Explore the idea of what kind of ‘house’ would represent the group.
  • Create a ‘house’ on the bird table.

Groups involved:

  • 42nd Street Drop In
  •  Young Disabled People’s Forum
  • Swinton Young Parents
  • HMP & YOI Hindley

Can you guess which is which?

This work has been created as part of the Planet Art project that was funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation and has been a partnership between 42nd St and box of frogs.