Beached – Sample Series

A series of work exploring the patterns and textures on coastal rock formations. Although the rocks are millennia old, cracked and worn away by weather and the sea, they still continue to constantly grow and change. I love the layers of textures. The pitted, stained, cracked surface juxtaposed to the new growth of different lichens and the families of shellfish that make these rocks their homes.

I have also been looking at the notion of beached as in washed up and discarded. I use old office clothes and scrap suit fabrics. The tones lend themselves well to this work but they also hark to the notion of the turnover over workforce and redundancy.

I am working towards creating sculptural forms so used my printed and stitched samples to create a series of photographs in Furniture Warehouse, suppliers of secondhand furniture particularly from offices and colleges as a way of looking beyond the surface and starting to consider them three-dimensionally.